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Quote, play and win!

to anime, video game, and j-music you can quote it
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What its about:

Do you know the Quote game girl?

If you don't know what the quote game is, it's ok!
The quote game is an picture is posted and YOU must make-up an quote for it! FUN


1. When making your captions please put the persons names. For example: hyde:bahbah gackt:bahbah

2. even if you don't know the anime, video game, or j-music. try it out! you may win!

3. I'll put only four winners: 1,2,3 and mod's choice!

4. If you win. I'll tell you posting if under your quote

5. if your a winner! :) you can choose between icon or picture.

6. After all four winners are choosen,I'll post them with prizes!

7. DON"T STEAL OTHER"S PPL PRIZES! if you do, I'll ban you. :P

8. Have fun! Fun, would want you too!

9. And remember Funny wins!


take a button to put up on your userinfo and I'll do the same!!^^

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